Two European initiatives launched to preserve and upgrade nuclear sector skills

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) launched two initiatives which are aimed at preserving and upgrading skills in the nuclear field in the EU. According to JRC, the initiatives are approved because trends such as workforce ageing and phasing out of nuclear power plants in some EU Member States could jeopardize important knowledge on nuclear maintenance and preservation if no action is taken.

The JRC launched on 16 December the European Human Resource Observatory for the Nuclear Energy Sector (EHRO-N) and the European Nuclear Safety and Security School (EN3S). These initiatives are aimed at preserving and upgrading skills in the nuclear field in the European Union. The Joint Research Centre is the European Commission's research arm and in 2010, a new strategy was presented for this Centre.

The first one, EHRO-N is, according to JRC, an instrument to monitor short, medium and long-term needs of human resources and expertise for the different stakeholders in nuclear energy and nuclear safety. EHRO-N should inform all those involved in the supply and demand for nuclear human resources in the EU, by creating a database of nuclear skills and competences needed and by identifying strengths, gaps and deficiencies in the educational and training infrastructure.

On the other hand, EN3S is an initiative to reinforce the potential of the JRC's expertise and unique facilities in graduate and post-graduate education and training, in close collaboration with academic and other educational organisations.