The European Union grants €24 million to fight drought and hunger in the Horn of Africa

The European Commission has announced the mobilization of an additional €24 million envelop to assist vulnerable people threatened by famine and the effects of drought in the Horn of Africa. The European Union is the largest humanitarian donor for the Horn of Africa, providing over €700 million in assistance since the beginning of the year, of which €184 million comes from the European Commission.

As highlighted by Humanitarian Aid Commissioner, Kristalina Georgieva, the European Union will increase its efforts to come in aid to the more than 13 million people who are currently threatened by the effects of drought in the Horn of Africa, a situation which is reported to become much severe according to the last reports. This new €24 million envelop comes on top of the €160 million provided by the Commission so far.

The increase of EU humanitarian aid in the area comes three months after the United Nations declared the situation of famine in parts of Somalia, where the most dramatic needs still remain. The European Union will provide food, water and treatment for malnourished children, providing provide life-saving support to over 1.7 million people in the area. This aid will also contribute to increase protection and security for refugees and humanitarian aid workers at Dadaab camp in north-east Kenya, which is the world's largest refugee camp with a population expected to reach half a million within the next months.

The Commission's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO) is present on the ground with a regional support office in Kenya and a field office in Ethiopia. This extra funding for humanitarian aid in the Horn of Africa renews Commission's appeal for the world to continue to show solidarity and generosity towards this vulnerable population.