New EU humanitarian aid funding to the victims of the latest floods in Pakistan and in Bangladesh

The European Commission will provide €10 million in emergency relief to the victims of the monsoon floods in Pakistan and €5 million to respond to the urgent humanitarian needs of Bangladeshis. The Commission's humanitarian assistance will reach out to the victims, bringing them shelter, food, water and healthcare.

The EU is responding to the Pakistani government call in the fast evolving emergency. Islamabad has confirmed the pressing need for tents, aqua tablets, water purification equipment, de-watering pumps and medicines. Government sources have put the number of people affected to date at 5 million, mostly in the 22 out of 23 districts of Sindh. Over 1.2 million houses and 1.6 million acres of cropland are badly damaged.

For the time being, the European Union has provided a generous humanitarian response to last year's floods, amounting to €423 million (€150 from the European Commission and €273 million from the EU Member States). A further €88 million for humanitarian assistance followed in 2011 (€76 million from the European Commission and €12 million from the EU Member States).

With regard to Bangladesh, the floods have affected around one million Bangladeshis so far, according to official estimates. Over 200,000 people have fled their homes, forced to seek refuge elsewhere. Most of the flooded areas are expected to remain waterlogged for several months, which will have significant and protracted impact on the people living along the river basins.

The EU funding helps improve the country's ability to respond to disasters through the implementation of appropriate regulations and policies, strengthening communities' ability to respond to disasters; as well as improving the country's cyclone, storm and flood early warning systems. Funding from the European Commission is also helping Bangladeshi communities to 'climate proof' their buildings, to maintain coastal and river embankments and to build better urban drainage systems.