Launched the latest phase of a new EU-funded project aiming to get electric vehicles

GREEN EMOTION is an initiative which has as main goal to get electric vehicles onto the roads in all over Europe. This is a pan-European research effort that it is funded in part with €24 million from the European Commission.

The GREEN EMOTION project counts brings together 42 partners from industrial companies and automobile manufacturers, as well as technology and research institutions and universities. It has as main objective to accumulate experience with electromobility in existing and new test regions within Europe and refine the technology. A key issue is the development of European processes, standards and IT solutions to allow electric vehicle users to easily access the charging infrastructure and related services throughout the European Union. Standardisation is also a key factor for a fast and cost-efficient European rollout of electromobility. The project is lead by team of Spanish scientists. European Commission Vice-President Antonio Tajani handed a European Commission mandate for the development of the relevant standard for electric vehicles chargers on 29 June 2010.

The GREEN EMOTION initiative has among its projects to introduce more than 10,000 recharging points throughout Europe. Almost 1,000 are to be installed in Barcelona, Madrid and Málaga in Spain, approximately 3,600 in Berlin, Germany, 400 in Rome and Pisa in Italy, and about 100 in Strasbourg, France. Denmark and Sweden hope to see between 2,500 and 3,500 electric cars hit the road and up to 4,500 charging points in the cities of Copenhagen and Bornholm in Denmark, and Malmö in Sweden.

With regard to Ireland, some 2,000 electric vehicles and about 3,500 charging points are to be installed; Director of Codema and Cork City Council, Gerry Wardell, hopes this will go some way to reducing Dublin city's current levels of emissions, which is right now 5 million tonnes of CO2 each year.