New European website to improve the links between science and society

The European Commission launched of a new website for the MASIS project, 'Monitoring policy and research activities on Science in Society in Europe', which aim is to develop and maintain structural links and interaction opportunities between scientists, policymakers and society in general.

The MASIS project has been established as one of the strategic activities under the Science in Society (SiS) umbrella of the 2008 Capacities Work Programme and as part of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). The SiS initiative aims to build an effective and democratic knowledge-based European society and help the European Research Area (ERA) to flourish. This project works like an observatory, designed to facilitate involvement and interaction between a wide range of stakeholders, and allow European citizens the chance to stay informed about SiS.

The SiS initiative was set up to tackle widespread concern and ambivalence about the role that science and technology plays in our everyday lives. The main message is that science cannot work in isolation, and advances in science and technology are not an objective in their own right. Therefore, the principal objective of the initiative is to communicate better on science and highlight its connection to other pillars of society such as democracy, law and ethics. By encouraging dialogue between scientists and members of the public, a positive social engagement can ensure science maintains its rightful place at the forefront of the European public sphere.

In order to achieve this goal, users can find on MASIS website, national reports on SiS policy and research activities across the Member States and Associated Countries. There are 38 comprehensive national reports covering a variety of issues.