More European assistance for the victims of the crisis in Ivory Coast

The additional aid for the victims of the conflict in Ivory Coast is €30 million more. The European Commission increased its humanitarian assistance, bringing its total allocation to €60 million.

The EU is the largest donor of humanitarian aid to the victims of the Ivory Coast crisis, responding with €85 million so far. The Commission provided with this allocation €60 million to support the efforts of the Red Cross, NGOs and the UN to assist the victims of the crisis.

A team from the European Commission Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO) is currently working with the European Commission humanitarian partners to assess the needs in Ivory Coast . This would help to improve conditions by providing shelter, food assistance, healthcare, water and sanitation, and protection activities, to both people in need inside the country and the refugees in neighbouring countries. There are estimated to be over one million internally displaced and over 130,000 refugees in neighbouring countries, in particular in Liberia.

The recommendations from this team have led to this new funding which will be channelled to reinforce the local institutional capacity to take over the management of the provision of essential basic services in the medium term. Moreover, the Commission will open a full time ECHO office in Abidjan shortly.