Three EU co-financed MEDIA films winners at the International Rome Film Festival

Three films which received co-funding from the MEDIA Programme on support for the EU audiovisual sector, were among those honoured at the closing ceremony of the International Rome Film Festival on 5 November. In total, ten films co-financed in a way or another were part of the Festival.

Among the awards at the International Rome Film Festival, “Hævnen” (“In a better world") by Susanne Bier received two of the main awards: The Grand Prix of the Jury and the Prix of the Public for the best film. Also, Toni Servillo got the Prix of the Jury as best actor for his role in the film "Una vita tranquilla” (“A quite life") of Claudio Cupellini., and the Prix of best Italian actor was awarded to Francesco di Leva in the same film.

These films were among the group of ten productions taking part at the Rome Film Festival which have been co-financed by the MEDIA Programme of support for the European audiovisual sector. Furthermore, the MEDIA Programme has also supported a series of side activities of the Festival, such as the film market, a forum to foster new European coproduction of films and a promotional campaign for young European actors.

Full list of prize winners and MEDIA-supported films at the International Rome Film Festival

Official competition

  • Golakani Kirkuk (The flowers of Kirkuk) - Fariborz Kamkari: Italy – Switzerland- Iraq: Project development: 50.000 Euro; Loan guarantees and other support: 50.000 Euro
  • Hævnen (In a Better World) - Susanne Bier: Denmark: Distribution support: 447.000 Euro
  • Una vita tranquilla (A quiet life) - Claudio Cupellini: Italy - Germany – France: Loan guarantees and other support: 50.000 Euro

Alice nella citta' competition

  • Quartier Lointain (A Distant Neighborhood) – Sam Garbarski: Belgium – France – Luxembourg:
  • Distribution support: 125.500 Euro
  • Tête de Turc (Turk’s head) - Pascal Elbé: France: Distribution support: 11.680 Euro
  • The Runway - Ian Power: Ireland – Luxembourg: Loan guarantees and other support: 50.000 Euro

Out of competition

  • Crime d'amour (Love Crime) - Alain Corneau: France: Distribution support: 112.000 Euro
  • We want sex - Nigel Cole: United Kingdom: Distribution support: 117.000 Euro

Special events

  • Carlos - Olivier Assayas: France: Distribution support: 80.000 Euro

Extra – Out of competition

  • Yves Saint Laurent, l’amour fou - Pierre Thoretton: France: Distribution support: 6.000 Euro