Europe celebrates the Day for Civil Justice

Following on from other existing major "European Days", in 2003 the European Commission and the Council of Europe established a European Civil Justice Day to take place on 25 October each year, in order to bring civil justice to the attention of the European public.

The European Day for Civil Justice is aims to bring justice closer to citizens, to inform them on their rights and to to promote the work of the European Commission and of the Council of Europe in the field of civil justice, through simulation of procedures and information sessions.

This day is open to all european citizens, students and people who work in the field of justice, who can take part in a series of events organized in the Member States of the European Union and of the Council of Europe, with the aim of bringing justice closer to citizens.

The events planned include local conferences, open days, guided tours, meetings with members of the legal professions and activities for children. This day should also help make people aware of the common judicial area for all Europeans that is now coming into being.