Directory of Blogs about the European Union

This is the selection of blogs about the European Union we have done in We try to make it as varied as possible including all topics and any kind of blog. If you know about any interesting and useful blog you would like to share with us, send us an email and we will have a look at it! We thank you for all your contributions to keep it updated!.

Independent Blogs

Personal blogs, edited by professionals, students or individuals

  • EUTopia: Nosemonkey's EUTopia appeared as the new version of Europhobia, a blog that mostly covered politics and international relations from an Anglo-European perspective. Today, Nosemonkey's defines himself as a former eurosceptic who turned up to be definitely pro-EU, but does not lose his critical point of view. - Feed
  • A Fistful of Euros: A Fistful of Euros congregates some member-authors, as well as occasional guest writers, posting their opinions in any European issue; it could be politics, economics, culture, social issues, events, or any type of topic that could be linked to Europe in general. - Feed
  • ECJBlog: Makes deep analysis on relevant European Court of Justice procedures and decisions. It covers all the main fields in EU Case Law, such as competition, taxation, environmental and consumer law, free movement of goods and services. - Feed
  • EU for US: Linda Margaret, a quiet american, personal views on European affairs. - Feed
  • Eurozone Watch: After the launch of European Monetary Union, economics and economic governance were no longer only a domestic affair. Understanding this new trend, Eurozone Watch, founded by Daniela Schwarzer and Sebastian Dullien, took the mission to monitor economics from the EMU point of view, also putting in economic context the main EU events. - Feed
  • Liberal Laboratory: A pro-European blog written by a centre-left Brussels insider. Making the case for continued British membership of the EU, against right-wing attempts to repatriate powers with asides on the politics of the institutions.
Institutional blogs

Blogs edited by public institutions

  • Delegation of the European Commission to Australia: Through the Delegation to Australia, the European Commission aims to improve mutual cooperation and understanding between the EU and Australia and New Zealand. This Blog, from the desk of Ambassador H.E. Mr. Bruno Julien, gives an analysis of the most relevant EU current news to this area of the World so far away from Brussels. - Feed
  • Centre for European Politics: Edited by the Centre for European Politics based in the Department of Politics and International Relations at Royal Holloway University of London. It is specially focused on the analysis of EU Politics and the European Union position in International politics, addressing as well some Member States domestic affairs that are also relevant for EU Politics. - Feed

Blogs edited by private held organizations, professional groups or companies

  • Open Europe Blog: Open Europe gathers some of the UK's leading business people opinions, contributing to the debate about what is exactly the current situation of the European Union and institutions and how the EU will face the challenge to continue and pursue "an ever closer union". - Feed
  • Brussels Blog: Blog edited by The Financial Times on European Union affairs. - Feed
  • Blogactiv: is an european blog platform where citizens can create and find blogs about many affairs. Institutions, growth, InfoSociety or Social Europe are only a few of the items that people write about. - Feed
  • was created in 2006 by Jose M. de Areiliza, professor at the Spanish Business School Instituto de Empresa, as a public space for opinion and debate about European Union. The team of editors are very supportive of EU integration, and their posts address this process from a variety of perspectives. You will find posts about EU Economy, Constitution, Law... sometimes in English and some others in Spanish. - Feed
  • EU Law Blog: EU Law Blog is a self-defined “web log about European Union Law for students academics, practitioners” and whoever may be interested in EU Law. It covers a wide range of EU related legal aspects, from constitutional process, to competition or specific case law analysis. - Feed
  • Social Europe Blog: The on-line european journal Social Europe has a space on its website for both proffesional bloggers and citizens who want to have their place in the web to share its ideas about Europe affairs. - Feed
  • European Telecommunicacion Law Blog: Written by Laurent De Muyter, Research fellow at the Institute of European Legal Studies of the University of Lièg, this blog is an interesting source of updated information and critical comments on the evolution of telecommunications law in Europe. - Feed

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